Neil Cameron -

Singer Guitarist Entertainer - Dordogne & Lot-et-Garonne

Neil Cameron

Born in Newcastle under Lyme in 1959, Neil began his singing in the school choir before joining another guitarist to form his first duo at 14 to enter the local talent contest which they won performing traditional folk songs. By now bands such as the Beatles were firmly established and the influence of Motown was everywhere in the clubs and disco's. The limitations of folk meant a rapid move to a more popular music quickly followed when Neil was recruited into his first band at just 15 - playing first in the youth clubs and later the local pubs and clubs.

At 16 Neil was spotted on stage by singer and guitarist Bertie Shaw who approached him to reform his established guitar duo which was based at the old "Variety Artists Club" in Hanley. Their music was mainly fifties and it was with this duo that Neil learned his Rock-n-Roll, singing songs from the greats such as The Everly Brothers,  Elvis and Roy Orbison.  It was also with this act that Neil began to play bass guitar and the lucrative partnership continued for a couple of years until Neil was approached by a Music Agent to front a new up-and-coming band.  The prospect of playing more modern music with a four piece act meant Neil was on the move again and back in the northern variety clubs.

At 19 Neil was tempted away from mainstream music to join professional modern country music band, "The Gamblers," to play bass guitar and make up the third part vocal harmony. The band went on to become a        six-piece with fiddle and pedal steel guitar and enjoyed continued success throughout the Midlands and the North of England. Life on the road with a full-time touring band is exciting to begin with but eventually the endless stream of cigarettes and motorway services begins to dull the shine and other opportunities begin to present themselves.  

Although Neil enjoyed playing the country music his on-off affair with Classic Rock and R & B music saw him leave the country band to form his own group playing sixties and seventies music with Neil back on lead vocals with the others giving the vocal harmonies. This band continued for a number of years with a variety of line-ups until Neil decided to pull the plug for a well-earned rest. (for those who are non-players; working every week and every Christmas and New-Years-Eve is still work and does become a chore) Neil returned to the country band for a while as their drummer which was a spell that he really enjoyed ... but not enough to get him back full-time.

The rest period continued for Neil until he was approached by well-known local lead guitarist Ian Bloor who was playing in Jack Dadd's band and looking for a bass player. Neil joined the band for a while and then moved with Ian to form a new band to play more main-stream music, but Ian's blues roots were drawing him back. Ian reformed "Lonnies Few" with "Legendry Lonnie" and enjoyed a couple of years performing all over the Midlands until Lonnie decided to retire for health reasons. Ian still belts out his Rhythm n' Blues around Cheshire and Staffordshire with his new band "Code:Red"  

Neil was then approached by session musician Mark Payne. Mark was a keyboard wizard who had played and toured with some of the top UK bands. The new outfit, called West-Coast, were well into their vocal harmonies, leaning towards the early Eagles sound and drawing on Neil's experience on the country circuit. During his time with West-Coast Neil switched back to lead guitar and following Mark's departure to get married and move "right up-north" Neil continued all the West-Coast work and for the first time as "Neil Cameron" - a solo act singing with just his guitar. By this time live music venues were getting fewer as money was not so readily available and so the demand for the Solo Performer continued to grow. Originally Neil sang and just played his guitar but the technology of recording backing music soon changed the live music scene, giving audiences a live singer-guitarist with a top backing band sound. 

Neil was amongst the first to give his audiences a live voice and live guitar with the added advantage of all the instruments and backing vocals that you would expect from the original artists performing live. A truly authentic live music experience.  The samples that you hear on this site are Neil and his guitar, with the recorded backing band which he uses in his present live solo performances. What you hear on this site is the same music as a live performance.

Neil moved to France in 2007 and continues singing and playing his guitar in the bars and restaurants of the Dordogne and the Lot-et-Garonne  - and for private parties, weddings, etc. 

(The Big Band Swing just started for one party and then grew and grew! - for those that wanted it!)

Disclaimer: all dates and ages quoted are approximates and lots of names have been left out for various reasons .............

"I know - it's only Rock-and-Roll - but I like it!"   (Jagger/Richards)

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